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Welcome to Valucre!

Valucre is a fantasy roleplay forum with a simple mission statement: turn creative expression into a game of writing. Game play is achieved through individual and collaborative writing in threads. The characters are the pieces, the world is the setting, the history of the planet and its nations is the lore. Our character creation process is minimal and easy. Sheets are not moderated and require no approval so long as, when you play your characters in the world itself, you observe our Mild Powers rules and Code of Conduct.

As a roleplay site Valucre offers character and plot driven play, a unique setting, an active community and a friendly staff. Valucre, with its global capacity, can host nearly any genre of roleplay – action, mystery, romance and much more. We allow our members to bring their ideas to life inside of our framework, so visitors will notice familiar races alongside original creatures and plants. Valucre emphasizes creativity – balancing individual agency against the rich lore which has been added in the past and which gets added every day by people like you.

Luckily for me and for all of you interested in this creative activity, I’m happy to announce another occasion to make another Valucre Tutorial post. Big thanks to Off Topic for actually doing and recording the work.

The following tutorial is on the topic of using Duik plugin for After Effect to rig character objects. Duik is a powerful plugin that makes the involved act of animating design into something much more manageable. Don’t expect to be done with a few clicks but if animation is something you’re interested in, this should make things a little easier.

I don’t know how much opportunity I’ll have in the future to post these kinds of videos, but one of our members created a tutorial and agreed to allow me to host it on the Valucre YouTube channel to promote it to our members. Hopefully people outside of our community will find it useful and end up on the site as well.

The following tutorial is on the topic of using Adobe Illustrator to create pixel art that you can use to complement an array of your writing and roleplay. Being able to quickly bring to life the image of a character or even to illustrate facial expression can become a very powerful tool to deepen the impact of your writing.

Have you ever seen, or played, a character that descended from the skies and crash-landed in the world of Valucre? Well if you did you’d be far from the first. Visit the Daily Weekly on Valucre to find out what happens to all of these comet-people once they embark on their intergalactic journey to our humble little planet.

Here’s a taste of the Daily Weekly’s special on Comet-People. Note, on the actual site some of the graphics are animated and cooler.


New member Scuffle is interested in making a roleplay that focuses on experimenting with magic and technology in the territories of Tellus Mater. If this sounds interesting to you, then post in their interest check.
Athentha is a chain of five floating islands, each named after the explorer that founded them and each with a diverse demographic of different races. Athentha is a land of ice and snow. If you're interested in learning more, check out its lore.
Visceral Solutions is a mercenary group with a focus on a low number of highly skilled personnel and a high closure rate. Leadership is distributed with the founder acting as the organization's guiding hand, and reliability is one of the pillars that VS promotes in its members. If you're interested in joining or hiring them, contact Akiris.