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Welcome to Valucre!

Valucre is a fantasy roleplay forum with a simple mission statement: turn creative expression into a game of writing. Game play is achieved through individual and collaborative writing in threads. The characters are the pieces, the world is the setting, the history of the planet and its nations is the lore. Our character creation process is minimal and easy. Sheets are not moderated and require no approval so long as, when you play your characters in the world itself, you observe our Mild Powers rules and Code of Conduct.

As a roleplay site Valucre offers character and plot driven play, a unique setting, an active community and a friendly staff. Valucre, with its global capacity, can host nearly any genre of roleplay – action, mystery, romance and much more. We allow our members to bring their ideas to life inside of our framework, so visitors will notice familiar races alongside original creatures and plants. Valucre emphasizes creativity – balancing individual agency against the rich lore which has been added in the past and which gets added every day by people like you.

There are a lot of genres of roleplay out there. At Valucre, we push the global setting a lot because, as an expansive and complex playground, it can host a wide variety of different types of roleplay. It can host roleplays that are specifically adventure themed, or specifically mystery themed, or a combination of those two plus a few more weaved throughout a thread’s lifetime, because we have a very open-ended type of sandbox here.

But still, there are genres that either don’t make sense in the setting or are difficult to pull off, and having to put in a lot of work upfront for an uncertain payoff can be a deterrent to most people. So my question to you, members of the roleplay community, what are your favorite genres of roleplay? Why? And can you indulge your fancies on Valucre proper or do you find yourself trotting to the Alternative section more often than not?

Post your responses in the favorite genres thread in our discussion board.

Here are some genres to get you started:
Science Fiction

A little over a week ago, Valucre was in the grips of one of its longest running maintenance windows in a while. You can read more about it in the announcement, Valucre is back online, but to give myself something to talk about, I wanted to mention here the fact that we’re already planning on how to avoid this sort of thing in the future.

Administration has begun looking at other VPS hosts that will, hopefully, give us more resources for less money while still maintaining an equal or better level of reliability and customer service. We’re looking at different forum software as well, that will hopefully result in less resource consumption and more social/community engagement.

During the outage, one thing which I expect our members found useful is that I provided regular updates on the Valucre twitter. You don’t need an account to bookmark it and see what’s going on with the site, but a Follow goes a long way to getting the Valucre name out there. Members also found the Valucre Discord useful in communicating with other members and getting their “Valucre fix”, so to speak, until the site came back online.

On a rosier note, I’d like to also take this opportunity to welcome two new additions to the Valucre moderator team. Praetorian, who has been added to the glomod position for the Valucre community, and Akako, who has been added to the chatmod role on the Valucre discord server. Don’t be afraid to give them high-fives and happy emojis. Keep in mind that all staff are volunteers and these are the people putting their time on the line to help make the community better.

Valucre now has a universal magic system!

If you find yourself wondering why this is, you’re not alone. I posted a little detail about how the system came to be in an Announcement, Valucre’s laws of magic, but wanted to take this opportunity mid sweeping change to add a bit more background.

Valucre has been very, very open for many, many years. The introduction of this universal system isn’t meant to oppose that. By design it remains open and members are free to port in whatever abilities or systems allows them to tap into their respective creative outlets.

The aim of the system is to provide an underlying framework on which all of the other systems can play out with a sense of cohesion, and in adding cohesion to the planetary setting, I’m hoping that this will facilitate not just a stronger sense of unity, but more collaboration between many different parties as well.

Over those same years that Valucre has been without a system, I’ve fielded a lot of questions from new members asking “what’s the magic system like?”, among questions like “what races are allowed” and “what items can I use”. Explaining that there is no real limit on what a character can do, bring, or use (other than what’s detailed in the Mild Powers article) has always been fun for me, but now I can tell the fun will be in telling people that they’re free to use whatever system they like, but that those systems which observe Valucre’s basic laws will have canon backing behind them where those systems that don’t observe these laws wouldn’t.

I think we’ve got a pretty neat system in place too. If you want to check it out, you can find it in Valucre’s overview article, the Laws of Magic section.

In Alterion's body of religion, the Justicar are a specialized unit of the Poor Son's who fulfill the role of inquisitor, and are employed as a means of controlling the population. They are capable of arresting anyone on the basis of suspicion and have a reputation for brutality, known to make liberal use of torture to coerce confession.
Skyforce is an international coalition formed between merchants, mercenaries, and local governments to combat organized crime around the world. Their namesake stems from the fact that their highly mobile task force responds to calls from the world over, which results in them being almost fully airborne. They are made up of cells and a main force, the cells responsible for locating criminal hotspots and the main force responsible for responding to calls from cells when the task at hand is a large one.