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Welcome to Valucre!

Valucre is a fantasy roleplay forum with a simple mission statement: turn creative expression into a game of writing. Game play is achieved through individual and collaborative writing in threads. The characters are the pieces, the world is the setting, the history of the planet and its nations is the lore. Our character creation process is minimal and easy. Sheets are not moderated and require no approval so long as, when you play your characters in the world itself, you observe our Mild Powers rules and Code of Conduct.

As a roleplay site Valucre offers character and plot driven play, a unique setting, an active community and a friendly staff. Valucre, with its global capacity, can host nearly any genre of roleplay – action, mystery, romance and much more. We allow our members to bring their ideas to life inside of our framework, so visitors will notice familiar races alongside original creatures and plants. Valucre emphasizes creativity – balancing individual agency against the rich lore which has been added in the past and which gets added every day by people like you.

An archetype is a model from which things are usually modeled or based. An archetypal character is a representation of universal patterns of human nature. It’s easy to think of an archetypcal character as a stock or wooden stand-in for characters with thought and depth behind them, but one shouldn’t think of an archetype as the full definition of a character so much as their general theme.

The Hero is one such example of an archetype where it is easy to think of “hero” as nothing more than an amalgamation of certain tropes, but really the hero can be complex and can vary wildly from one example to another. Hercules and Hamlet were both heroes of their respective stories, and both are nothing like one another.

Which of the archetypes do you find yourself using the most in your writing? And why? Post your responses in the archetypes and characters thread.

Regular / Ordinary
Jester / Clown

In 2016, administration installed an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate to our webserver. For those that don’t know, what an SSL certificate does is provide for an encrypted connection for online communications. When this was initially installed the SSL cert was optional, applied only to the login fields where a user would input their password with the option to force the encryption on the entire site by including HTTPS in the URL field.

Near the end of 2016 Google announced that, in addition to an already existing small boost to ranking for those sites with SSL, they would start flagging sites as unsafe that don’t offer encrypted surfing for their members. In turn, as can be seen in our announcement on January 25th, we went from Optional to Forced and now serve the entire site via HTTPS.

Enjoy the secure browsing!

Storyteller Initiative

What was a Storyteller back then?

A few years back, Valucre had a division of staff known as the Storytellers, whose purpose was to help build and progress the various storylines added to Valucre by the community. If you found yourself in want of someone to play an NPC for a few posts, or an antagonist for a little longer, or even to GM your thread from beginning to end, you could put a request in to the Storytellers and have someone come in and help out.

It should come as no surprise that these good intentions led ultimately to Storytellers burning out and a fairly high turnover rate. Since then we chose to dissolve Storytellers as an official division of staff and instead made a move towards helping members storytell for one another.

What was a Storyteller now?

Before, during, and after Storytellers were a staff division, members were and are able to provide these level of play and collaboration to one another and a member does not need to belong to the Initiative in order to participate in your roleplay in this function, or for you to do the same for someone else. What the Initiative does is add a few basic criteria so that a reasonable level of quality and reliability can be requested instead of, or even in addition to, casting a line out and waiting for a nibble.

So if you’re interested in becoming a storyteller through this initiative or requesting one for your own roleplay, see the link above and below.

Storyteller Initiative

Talix-Engine, known as the City of Clockwork, is a city consisting of two separate creations that have become entangled over time. The Engine is a vast machine in the city's core and on it rests Talix, which changes constantly as the bedrock beneath it shifts and changes. Talix-Engine produces a technology known as MicroClockwork, which is far superior to most non-magical tech in Genesaris and most of Valucre.
The Umbra clan is a group of skilled and practiced mercenaries that work for anyone willing to foot their bill for any given job. They will take on nearly any job regardless of how dangerous it is, and even when they fail at a job, they are known for their discretion. If you have a job you want done, you could find a worse crew to hire.
You've been around the world of Valucre hunting for artifacts, fighting beasts, and questing to change the world. But lately find yourself thinking, where are all the dungeons?! The Kingdom of Vdara's response is, look no further! The Dragon King of Vdara has issued an order that the secrets of a dungeon be revealed to him and those that have managed to make it back alive say that the dungeon is filled with unbelievable treasures. Are you willing to risk it all?